Most people believe that you can treat your area rugs the same as you would your carpets.

This is not the truth.rug cleaning, carpet cleaning

Doing this could lead to damaged and ruined rugs. Area rugs must be treated differently than carpet for many reasons. Here’s why:


The most obvious difference between an area rug and carpet is how they are made. Area rugs are designed to be picked up and moved around. Because of this, the backing, sticking and other aspects of the rug are different compared to wall-to-wall carpet. In addition, there’s not as much consistency amongst rugs. Each separate rug may vary depending on where they were made, what they were made out of, and the intended use of the rug. This means that they all require different care.


The fringe found on area rugs is mostly for decoration. Vacuuming rugs with fringe will damage the fabric and ruin it for good. The best practice for rugs with fringe is to have them professionally cleaned. Professional cleaners use delicate methods that are ideal for fragile rug fibers. Most of the time, carpets to not require such delicate care.


Another difference is that most area rugs are made to be thicker with a dense pile construction. They usually have more fibers closer together than standard carpet. This dense pile tends to trap dirt and soil near the base of the rug, instead of the top. A vacuum cleaner won’t be able to remove these trapped fine fibers, which is why people sometimes take their rugs outside and pound the dirt out. There is an easier solution though – you can simply trust a professional rug cleaner to remove this build-up for you.


Carpets are most often a uniform color. Area rugs on the other hand, have multiple colors and patterns. If it happens that a color starts to bleed on the rug, it could ruin the overall look. This is why it is incredibly vital to use the correct solutions and methods to clean an area rug in order to prevent bleeding and fading from happening. Often, a standard carpet cleaning solution just won’t cut it.


Proper area rug cleaning needs to be done by professionals. If your rugs are in need of a good cleaning, make sure that you’re hiring a reputable area rug cleaner, such as Great Plains Chem-Dry.  We are the professionals you need to take care of your rugs and other carpeted areas in your home or business!