In today’s world of innovation and technology, we’re constantly coming up with more efficient ways to get things done. This is the case for many products and services—even carpet cleaning.

Steam cleaners are becoming obsolete to a new carpet cleaning method that not only cleans carpets more effectively but is also better for the environment.

Chem Dry Hot Carbonating Extraction Carpet Cleaning

If you’ve ever used club soda to remove a stain from your clothing, you’ve seen the wonders carbonation can do. Chem-Dry has developed that same technology for carpet cleaning.

This revolutionary method called Hot Carbonating Extraction uses the power of millions of tiny carbonated bubbles to lift stains to the surface with 80% less water than steam cleaners.

The Power Of Carbonation Compared To Steam Cleaners

These carbonated bubbles are used in our non-toxic, green-certified cleaning solutionThe Natural. We don’t use soapy solutions that leave behind stain-attracting residue like steam cleaners do.

Steam cleaners not only leave behind sticky residue—increasing the chance of resoiling—but also require massive amounts of water. This means longer drying times, a greater chance of mold and mildew growth, and damage to the environment. Their soapy cleaning solutions also contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your kids and pets.

With Chem-Dry, your carpets will be cleaner, drier, and healthier—and the environment will be preserved in the long term.

Carpet Cleaning Done Right

Steam cleaning simply doesn’t hold up to the results and environmental consciousness of Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction method. You’ll get a better clean, faster drying times, and a safer environment for your family.

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