upholstered couch against white painted brick wall

Take a moment to think about how much time you spend on your couch.


It’s where most of us relax, watch TV, take naps, entertain guests, and even eat meals. Our couch is a long term companion that follows us from house to house. You might be feeling sentimental reflecting on all the memories made over the years on your couch, but let’s talk about the reality of how nasty our couches actually are.


How often do you clean your couch?

On average, we spent more time on our couches than anywhere else in our homes—including the bed. It’s probably a habit to wash soiled bedsheets, but how often do we really clean our couches? In a recent survey, the Hygiene Council found that 61% of people have either never had their sofas professionally cleaned or sanitized, or they’ve only done so once or twice since owning them.

Can you imagine never washing your sheets or cleaning the clothes you wear each day? Yikes. Consider the fact that we wash things every day that we use far less than the couch, and that our couches are basically never professionally cleaned. It’s a pretty disturbing thought, right?


What can really be found on the average household couch?

A recent study from Express found that the average family couch contains more bacteria than a toilet seat. To put this in perspective, the place where you take naps and spend time with your family each day is probably more dangerous than where you use the bathroom.

Bacteria live, grow, spread, and crawl on the very spot you spend the most time. In fact, disease-causing bacteria and harmful allergens thrive on soft surfaces.


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