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It’s that time of year where summer is coming to a close and school is just around the corner. With backpacks full of school supplies and all the other to-do’s marked off your checklist, what else could there be to consider this time of year? 

With the kids out of the house and the fall season steadily approaching, back to school is also an ideal time of year to have your carpets professionally cleaned


Back To School And Annual Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is a service that should be scheduled at least once each year. And when the back to school season rolls around, it could be the perfect reminder. Here’s why. 

With the kids back in the classroom and out of your home during the day, this opens up your availability to have Chem-Dry professionals come in to clean your carpet with minimal interruptions. Plus, our process is highly effective with minimal impact to your busy schedule, and allows your carpets to dry in just hours—not days. This is in large part due to our Hot Carbonating Extraction carpet cleaning method that uses 80% less moisture than carpet steam cleaners

Back to school season is also an indicator that fall is approaching quickly. During this cooler time of year, your family will be spending more time indoors compared to the summer months. Not to mention the homework kids will have to catch up on each day in your home. 

Carpets are often packed with allergens and bacteria, which can impact the indoor air quality and overall health of your home and family. That means that ensuring your carpets are clean and hazard-free is essential for a healthy home. 


Back To School Carpet Cleaning In Bismarck, North Dakota

Chem-Dry has your family in mind with every cleaning service we offer, and our team is prepared to take care of your carpet cleaning needs all throughout the year! Take advantage of Chem-Dry carpet cleaning this back to school season to enjoy the added benefits and convenience it brings. 

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