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Spring is the season for freshening up your home—including the furniture. Because couches and other soft furnishings are often the most bacteria and allergen packed areas in the average household, cleaning them right is crucial.

Here are a few pro tips from the furniture cleaners at Chem-Dry.


How To Clean A Couch And Other Upholstery

1 – Vacuum your furniture.

This step should be done on a weekly basis, but for deep cleaning purposes, you can do an even more thorough job. Remove the cushions to vacuum underneath them, and vacuum both sides of the cushions themselves. Then use attachments to reach the crevices where crumbs, dirt, and pet hair can hide.


2 – Clean and polish wood or metal pieces.

Wipe down the non-fabric areas of your furniture using a gentle cleaning solution. Use wood polish on any wood areas.


3 – Find out what fabric the furniture is made of, and treat it accordingly.

There should be a tag on your couch and other furniture that contains instructions and warnings for your specific type of fabric. Common labels include WS (safe to use mild detergent), S (dry cleaner detergent only), X (no water, vacuum only), W (safe to clean with water).


4 – Remove visible stains.

Now that you know what type of cleaning solutions can be used on your fabric, you’re safe to remove stains. Use a store-bought upholstery cleaner or a natural homemade cleaner. For example, you could try mixing ¼ cup of vinegar with ¾ cup water and a couple drops of dish soap in a spray bottle for fabric and synthetic upholstery. Gently spray the stay and wipe away with a cloth.


5 – Allow adequate time for your furniture to dry.

Soak up as much remaining moisture as possible with a towel, then leave your couch in a well-ventilated area to dry. You may want to place a fan pointed at your furniture as well. Keep in mind that it can take several days for your furniture to dry, so you should keep your eye out for any mold or mildew growth.


6 – Schedule an appointment with a professional furniture cleaner.

The following methods typically work well for maintenance and treating surface stains. However, in order to deep clean your furniture and remove all harmful contaminants, you should schedule professional upholstery cleanings at least once a year.


Furniture Cleaner In Lincoln, North Dakota

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