Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and fall is in full swing! You likely have a to-do list a mile long, so why add carpet cleaning to your plate this season?

Well, there are actually several key benefits that make fall the perfect time to clean your carpets. Plus, by letting a professional carpet cleaner in the Bismarck, North Dakota area take care of it for you, you won’t have any added stress.

What Makes Fall An Idea Time For Carpet Cleaning?

Here are 5 reasons why carpet cleaning should be a part of your fall routine.

#1 – Fall Temperatures Reduce Likelihood Of Mold And Mildew Growth

Fall is the perfect period of time between hot, humid summer months and freezing winter temperatures. Cleaning in the fall helps carpets dry faster with a significantly lower chance for mold or mildew to grow. Plus, temperatures are still pleasant enough for you to open up your windows and let in some fresh air as your floors dry.

carpet cleaning in the fall in bismarck, ndThese ideal temperatures combined with Chem-Drys hot carbonating extraction method that uses 80% less water than steam cleaners ensures that your carpet will dry faster—and is safer for your home and the environment.

#2 – Improve The Air Quality Inside Your Home During Months Spent Indoors

Colder temperatures mean more times spent indoors, and more time breathing indoor air.

Carpets fill up with allergens, dust, and bacteria that can impact air quality and cause illnesses. Carpet cleaning with Chem-Dry removes 98% of allergens from carpet and upholstery and 89% of airborne bacteria—making your home a healthier, safer place to be during winter months.

#3 – Protect Carpet From Spills And Stains

The holiday season probably means you’ll have more company in your home than usual—which also means more foot traffic and more opportunities for spills.

When Chem-Dry Protectant is used with your carpet cleaning service, your carpets become more stain resistant and able to repel liquid and stains. This will allow you to enjoy your holiday guests with less fear of your carpets taking a beating.

#4 – Your Home Will Look Its Best For Guests

You want you home to look and feel clean when guests arrive, and carpet cleaning is an important way to achieve that. Carpet cleaning in the fall can help your guest feel comfortable and at home. Plus, by having a professional carpet cleaner take care of it for you, you can focus more on the family and friends you’re entertaining this season.

#5  – Take Advice From The Pro’s

In order to preserve and maintain your carpets, it’s recommended to have them professionally cleaned twice a year. In addition to routine vacuum and maintaining on your own, schedule your professional carpet cleaning appointment each spring and fall to extend the life of your carpets and create a healthy home.

Professional Carpet Cleaning In Bismarck, North Dakota

The holidays are busy, but are also meant to be enjoyed with those you love. Leave the carpet cleaning to Great Plains Chem-Dry and enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, drier, healthier home.

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